Apartment-Community Partnership Pilot

Public and private partners in Columbus/Franklin County are designing and implementing a community-based homelessness prevention system.  A key component of a prevention system is to provide community-wide access points.   We believe that apartment communities can serve as access points for connecting at risk families with coordinated social, health, and government services.

The Prevent Family Homelessness Collaborative is coordinating the Apartment-Community Partnership Pilot to demonstrate the effectiveness of prevention efforts to reach at-risk families living in apartment complexes in areas with high rates of eviction filings.

The Pilot is a voluntary effort that connects residents of participating apartment communities with social, health, and government services via a central intake process with strong service coordination.  Physicians CareConnection (PCC), a local nonprofit organization that specializes in coordinating services for vulnerable families, is providing central intake services.  Other social service organizations are working with PCC's care coordinators to surround families with prevention services that reduce the destabilizing events that lead to eviction filings and potential downstream family homelessness.  Additionally these prevention efforts have the potential to reduce costs associated with evictions for apartment owners & tenants/families.